Thinking Past

Welcome to Thinking Past. At Thinking Past we create media and entertainment that is meant to inspire a love of learning about place. We develop innovative projects including board games, mobile applications, and time-based media and installations to activate new perspectives and deeper understandings of the complex environment we live in and the layers of history that lie hidden beneath. All of our projects are collaborative, interdisciplinary and developed in consultation with expert specialists, including biologists, environmental scientists, historians, mathematicians and museum educators. To these projects we also add a world class international group of instructional designers, motion media artists, game designers, user experience experts, and graphic and industrial designers.

Our most current project is Fujian Trader, a strategy board game designed around a 17th century map discovered by one of our managing partners, Robert Batchelor. The map, currently touring East Asia, belongs to Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, and is now considered one of its great treasures. We are also in the early stages of development of  Forager, a gamification project created in partnership with the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health of the University of Georgia. Our specialties include developing formal and informal educational materials for game-based learning, spatial and historical thinking, and integrated STEM curriculums as well as cartographic, gamified and ecological approaches to problem solving.

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